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Pouring my Heart Out by SHADOWoftheSPARTAN
Pouring my Heart Out
More post-it art. A creepy figure bound by invasive shadows with all of his color spilling forth. Another interpretation: an artist held by expectations and limits letting out what beauty they can.

Let me know what you think.
Mr. Cecil (Undertale OC) by SHADOWoftheSPARTAN
Mr. Cecil (Undertale OC)
Yet another Undertale OC that I come up with. A gentlemanly praying mantis that has made the acquaintance of Muffet the spider. Cecil isn't meant to be a main character but a side quest for either run of the game to be encountered after passing Muffet. He would be Muffet's avenger in a genocide run or a returning friend in a pacifist run.

I was listening to a remix of Spider Dance while drawing.…;

Note: the name Cecil is okay, but after discovering the story behind Muffet's name I am open to any names with more meaning for this character.

I do not own Undertale
Mischief Makers by SHADOWoftheSPARTAN
Mischief Makers
One of the few post-it note doodles that I've gone so far as to upload it to Devianart. It's just a mash up of some goofy/mischievous characters I like. From left: on the top is the Cheshire Cat and Jack Skellington, hiding in the middle is a silhouette of the devious Bill Cipher, and along the bottom are Flowey the Flower, Sans the Skeleton, and Gengar.

Bee tee dubs, sorry for the poor quality. I took this picture on my dorm room desk with poor lighting and using my dumbphone. Hope it's okay.

I own none of these characters.
Ser B. Rus (Undertale OC) by SHADOWoftheSPARTAN
Ser B. Rus (Undertale OC)
For the past two (maybe more) months I've been obsessed with Undertale. Thus I couldn't help but come up with an OC for this outstanding fictional universe. 

Therefore, say hello to Serenity, B., and Russell. You can call them Ser B. Rus for short. Yes, that is a play on Cerberus. That is the point.
Backstory: Ser B. Rus were the captain of the Royal Gaurd before Undyne came along. Ser B. Rus were forced to retire by Asgore's command due to unprofessional conduct. This unprofessional conduct, while kept secret for the most part, was the trio's full out hunt of Temmies. For some reason, likely their canine instinct, Ser B. Rus just don't like the Temmies and end up lurking around the Waterfall area in search of the fabled Temmie village.

Undertale Copyrighted by Toby Fox
I also don't own the preview image for this deviation. It was used only because I couldn't get my art to work as the preview.
MotherDearest by SHADOWoftheSPARTAN
This was my present to my mother this Christmas. It was drawn with oil pastels and took the first week of Christmas break.
Introduction: The inhabitants of a peaceful town continue to pass an alley with a sole resident. A boy in rags and a mop of navy blue hair. Their ignorance saves him trouble. When night falls he'll be gone again, a phantom that left no trace. Until then he watches and waits.


Name: Destan Percival Waterborn. Destan is a French name meaning still waters (Hint: blue). His middle name is preferred. Percival was the name of a knight known for his bad temper. Percival's last name, Waterborn, is simplistic at best to suggest a calm blue. For anyone reading this any suggestions for a better last name or another first name (starting with D) would be appreciated. 

Note: I will be calling my character Percival from now on.


Gender: Male. 


Age: 18.


Birthday: January 20.


Color: Navy blue. This will be the color of Percival's hair and certain parts of his weapon. Various shades of blue can be a part of his outfit as well.


Race: Human


Original Influence/Reference: In a way Percival is a reference to the headless horseman (without the horse). At first it was a joke. Percival has a problem, to be explained later, with losing his head (in anger). Then again the horseman is a phantom, which plays into one of Percival's relationships. In the end I decided to make my OC team based on antagonistic characters in fairy tales, villains or obstacles.

Other References: Captain America and The Hulk played a big part in Percival's inspiration. Something about a hero wielding a shield, rather than an instrument of death, intrigued me. Like the Captain Percival is one who is meant to protects others first and kill enemies later. Percival is also like The Hulk due to a as of yet unexplained temper issue ranging on the explosive side.


Occupation/Setting: Second year student at Beacon.

Team: Percival is the leader of team DRGN. Each team member will get their own bio, but let it be known that this team was made some time into the first term of school due to the erratic arrival of the individual members.


Partner: Grey Jericho. In the initiation process Grey was surrounded by Grimm when Percival entered the scene. On Grey's part he was angry that Percival got in the way and assumed that he needed help. However, both realized how much of a lone wolf the other was and respect was gained.


Fanfiction: No fanfiction. 


Themes: I'm not much of a music person though I have a song in mind. It's not much of a background theme, but has a theme close to my character's. The song is "Human" by Christina Perri, though I prefer it performed by Madilyn Bailey. It is sad and I chose it to highlight Percival's sacrificial protector nature and his inability to carry the weight of the world, though he tries. "Monster" by Skillet for an angry, yet not battle, mood.

Battle Theme (Normal): "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes - a pumping beat with bravado.

Battle Theme (Critical): "One-Winged Angel" by Nobuo Uematsu - a high intensity theme for an out of control beast.

Team Theme: Sons of Odin by Manowar - for a "you've messed with the wrong people" feel. 


Appearance: I haven't put much thought into Percival's outfits so don't expect a super detailed description. I'll do my best though.

Percival is the average 18 year old boy's height (6 ft). Other than his navy blue mop of hair he doesn't stand out much. He's not overly muscular (saying nothing about actual strength in a fictional setting). As said his hair is a navy blue mop of hair, which is usually short or brushed to one side. His eyes are the only other strange feature being a purple hue. On occasion his eyes can appear reddish. 

Percival's original set of clothes included a tattered grey cloak draped about his shoulders, a light blue polo, a pair of dark jeans, and a pair of hiking boots. His left forearm was also wrapped in cloth. Much of this ensemble was either scavenged or received as gifts from his mentor such as the cloak and boots. The most outstanding part of the outfit is a silver chain woven through the neck of the grey cloak that had a shield-shaped pendant embedded with a sapphire holding the cloak together.

After joining Beacon Ozpin provided Percival with a new set of clothes. He now wears a cobalt blue button down shirt underneath a grey vest (fancy looking but lined with protective material), a pair of black slacks, and comfortable dress shoes. Percival tends to roll his sleeves up and leave his shirt untucked when casual. Replacing the cloth wrapping on his left forearm is a bracer inscribed with his personal emblem. Percival also wears the shield pendant around his neck without the cloak. In times of serious battle he will wear the cloak again, which has now been trimmed.

The only difference to his uniform is the cloth wrapping around his left arm (when not in combat) and his necklace.


Personality: On the surface Percival is a confident and charismatic leader. He knows how to take charge and will do anything to protect those close to him. Through much experience he has come to define a good leader as one who shields his teammates from harm so that they are able to win. Below the surface he is nearly the opposite. He is acutely aware of his own danger to others and will work to protect others from himself more than anything else. Struggling with inner fury Percival must hold back his "beast" and put on a mask for those around him often selling himself short. He can also take his protective nature too far and be over protective to self-sufficient friends.


Backstory/History: As a child Percival seemed normal until his semblance began showing. Then it wasn't realized as a semblance, but wherever Percival went people became happier and he became sadder. Early on he was able to handle it as being a child he had his own happiness. One day however he blacked out to awake to one of his closest friends being injured and afraid of him. Scared he ran away.

In the years to come Percival learned to survive on the road, fighting bandits and Grimm, despite his efforts to avoid all contact with humans due to his ability, which he considered a curse. On his travels he heard of an exiled huntsman who had tamed Grimm. He met the old man and was accepted as an apprentice after explaining his condition. 

After a year Percival left, now with understanding of his semblance and how to control it. Upon his former master's suggestion Percival left for Beacon where Ozpin, an old friend of Percival's master, took him in and prepared him for the next year of school. Now begins his story at Beacon.



Teammates: Percival is the leader of his team DRGN. The team consists of him, Ranger Aello, Grey Jericho, and Noira Inkheart. Due to the fact that each member arrived at Beacon under unique circumstances they were automatically put in a team, though they still went through the initiation test.

Love Interest: Yang Xiao Long. Percival is one of the few that can take Yang's full on fury. Percival is attracted to her, not only due to her being beautiful, but because her carefree attitude doesn't weigh down Percival as much as others do (see semblance section).

Family and Allies: He has parents, but has been gone so long that he doesn't remember where they are. He is friends with the members of team RWBY and acquainted with team JNPR. He has been mentored by Ozpin and one of Ozpin's exiled friends.

Enemies: No arch nemesis as of yet unless you count himself. Throughout his daily life Percival struggles with a build up of rage (a result of his semblance and contact with people) which, if not tended to, could boil over making him go mad with fury, an uncontrollable "beast".


Weapons and Abilities: Percival is strong from extensive training and can move quickly, if not gracefully, when unencumbered. However, due to his weapon being somewhat heavy and limiting movement, he tends to adopt a slower and more dedicated stance focusing on brushing off enemy attacks and returning blows when close enough. Due to this factor Percival has learned how to use his shield (spoiler) to deflect potentially devastating blows.


Equipment: Ichabod is a combination of an arm shield (consider the Uruks in LOTR:Two Towers) and a laser. Yes, a laser. Hear me out. Ichabod serves as a lens to focus unstable energy that ends up being expelled in the form of a plasma beam (it's easier to say laser). The source of this energy will be explained later and it will made clear that this laser gets very little use. On the other hand it is also a shield. This is the melee side as it is light enough to be swung by one arm to bash enemies and comes to a point at the front for more critical attacks. Percival is able to channel his aura into Ichabod to increase increase its defensive strength and range of protection allowing him to intercept hits intended for teammates.

A definite design for Ichabod is still in the works. I've had much trouble deciding on a design.

As for other weapons, since Ichabod will occupy Percival's left arm, he also carries a knife to wield with his right hand. He tends to not use it until in close range.


Absolute Guard: Percival pours energy into his shield creating an energy barrier around it. This can take two forms. One form creates a wide field with Ichabod's normal defense, but that is much larger making it able to defend others. The other form concentrates all of the energy around Ichabod making it impervious to any attack.

Negative Release: All built up negative energy (gained by his semblance and stored within his left arm) is channeled out the end of his shield and shot as a plasma beam decimating enemies. Percival is drained of energy afterwards and sluggish in movement if at all able.


Aura/Semblance: As I've said before Percival has a very defense oriented quality, thus his aura follows suit giving him an unnatural defense at the sacrifice to agility and speed.

Tranquility: Percival will draw on negative energies around him, which build up inside of him. These negative energies come from human (or faunus) negative emotions such as anger, fear, and jealousy. As the negative energy passes from people to Percival so are the emotions relieving the giver of these negative emotions and leaving Percival with a mixture (anger, sorrow, paranoia). In general this energy boosts the aura, but compromises thought. If it is built up to a certain point it can be released through Ichabod as a plasma beam. If not released in this way Percival boils over and goes into an animalistic rage (aura boosted greatly) with no knowledge of friend or foe.


Skills and Talents: Meditation. Because of his semblance Percival is burdened with a mixture of negative emotions. Meditation helps calm him down allowing him to rid himself of the negative emotions, but retain the energy.


Team Combinations: 
North: Percival and Grey--Percival extends his aura around his shield and protects Grey as he repeatedly fires his slug cannon (still has no name) into oncoming enemies. Note: this formation takes its namesake from a character from Roosterteeths' Red vs Blue (aka. the freelancer North Dakota).

Ascent: Percival and Ranger--Percival gives Ranger a boost into the air (she jumps on his shield) where Ranger has a vantage point on enemies and can fire her rail-gun multiple times before falling again. Due to Ranger's lightweight she can rise higher than the others.

Lightning Thief: Percival and Noira--Noira aims charged electricity at Percival's shield connecting an arc of lightning between the two. Pericval (protected by his shield) uses the charged shield to do extra damage also catching enemies between him and Noira in the continued lighting arc.

Special Combinations: Unlike Team Combinations, Special Combinations are combined attacks with OCs outside the team.
Canonball: Percival and Yang--Percival jumps into the air and Yang hits the bottoms of his feet with her gauntlets, propelling him forward while he slams (shield first) into enemies.

Yin-Yang: Percival and Yang #2--When Percival looses control and goes into a rage Yang steps in to keep him in check. Due to her semblance (getting stronger each time she's knocked down and gets back up) Yang can take Percival's rage and grow stronger herself. At some point the two become equally matched. Now to how this can be an actual's not meant to be. This encounter was at first an attempt to calm Percival down. Eventually the two are skilled enough to use this to their advantage. Since both Percival and Yang are extremely strong at this point no enemy could easily take them down. 

"A sword has one hundred and one uses, ninety nine of which hurt. A shield has multiple uses as well, but only one that matters. To protect." Percival explaining why he uses a shield.

" To feel shame for who you are and hate yourself for another's sins.
To be forced to walk a solitary path and be the loneliest of all.
To hide the beauty within for fear of the ugliness without.
To bear the burdens of everyone around you and be buried by them.
This is tragedy. This is what we fight. This is why we fall.
In our rage we will destroy these evils or be slain." Percival reciting the team's motto.



Initiation Day - Landing Strategy: Percival held his shield in front of him and extended his aura to protect him as he landed. Due to this strategy he bounced through the top layers of tree branches a bit before falling through. After landing he realized he should've tried something not so bumpy.

Initiation Day - Pairing Up: Grey was found surrounded by Grimm. Grey told Percival to stay out of it but that wasn't an option for Percival. Despite Grey's protest the two quickly got to killing the Grimm. Afterwards the two had some respect for one another's battle skill (and that each was a lonewolf).

Prom Date - None: Percival at this point has realized his feelings toward Yang are strong, but was too shy to ask her out. Thus he went alone and ended up spending the night talking to Noira.

  • Listening to: Pure Imagination


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